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National Letting focuses on residential and commercial letting, offering one-stop service to property owners, investors, developers, and tenants with regional offices in Gauteng, KZN, and the Western Cape. During the last few years, the structures within the organization, systems and the modus operandi were refined and sophisticated.

The company is in the process of embarking on a countrywide development and expansion programme and, with its unique business model and strategies setting them apart from competitors, National Letting is now offering investors, franchise owners, joint venture partners, and independent agents an exciting opportunity to earn considerable monthly as well as recurring income with huge growth potential.

We have a sound proven business model and a national footprint!

Main Features of the Business Plan 2

  • The objectives of the business are to generate a profit and grow at a challenging and manageable rate.
  • The mission of National Letting is to provide the property owner or future property owner with a one-stop service such as letting, property management, maintenance, etc, at a fair commission. The keys to success factors for National Letting include its unique business philosophy and marketing strategies and comprehensive service, systems and product offering.
  • National Letting is committed to pre-operation training and ongoing support and will equip each franchisee with all the skills needed to be successful in his/her business.
  • It is an excellent time to get involved in rentals as the rental market is booming.
  • National Letting's unique business model and philosophy, experience, systems, unique marketing strategies sets it apart from its competitors.
  • National Letting has a proven success record and by opening new branches in various areas have shown that its business and marketing strategies can be easily duplicated and that it is possible to become the market leader within 8 months or less in a specific area.
  • Since head office maintains the advanced property management system (internet based) and perform certain key functions on an ongoing basis, the franchise does not have to employ specialized staff up front.
  • The branding, systems and business strategies have been tried and tested in the market place and has proof to be very successful.
  • The logo states exactly what the company focuses on, namely letting on a National base. The colours are striking and play a huge part in the “In your Face” marketing strategies that's been implemented around the country.

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