National Letting offers the Bronze, Blue, Executive and Exclusive Property Management Packages to landlords. Choose the package below that best suites your needs and budget.
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Management Fee Once Off 6% 8% 12%
Finders Fee 10% To be Negotiated To be Negotiated 7%
To Let Board
Additional magazine & newspaper ads
Comprehensive Website Listing (
Comprehensive Website Listing (Affiliated Partners)
Property Assessment and Marketing
Tenant Procurement
Exposure of potential tenants from our rental pool
Comprehensive Lease Agreement
Tenant screening, vetting and reference checks
Deposit held in trust
Ingoing inspections done
Exit inspections done
# 6 Month Inspections (Additional R300.00) n/a
# Inventory Checks (Additional R500.00) n/a
Rental Collection n/a
Monthly Statements and invoices (Landlords) n/a
Monthly Statements and invoices (Tenants) n/a
Utility Bill Collections (electricity, water, sewerage & refuse) n/a n/a
Utility Bill Payments (electricity, water, sewerage & refuse) n/a n/a
Levy Payment n/a n/a
Rates Payment n/a n/a
Maintenance n/a
# Quotations (1 Quote per Job) n/a
# Call Centres n/a
Tenant replacement as soon as possible
SMS Notifications n/a
Letter of Breach n/a
Eviction Procedure (Non Magistrate) R3 500.00 R2 000.00 Free Free
Eviction Procedure (Magistrate up to R30 000 Legal Costs) n/a n/a n/a Included
Debt Collections R2 500.00 R1 500.00
Hand over to Attorney (Assist only) n/a n/a
Insurance Cover n/a n/a # Separate Costs
# 3 Months rental cover on default tenants n/a n/a # Separate Costs
# Magistrate Legal costs covered up to R30 000 n/a n/a # Separate Costs
# Excess R150.00 per Claim n/a n/a # Separate Costs
# Legal procedures by selected Legal Experts/font> n/a n/a # Separate Costs
Rental Tribunal R1 000.00 per Visit R500.00 per Visit
Online Access to Financial Reporting n/a n/a
Credit Beuro Profiling n/a n/a
* Finders fee will be negotiated with your agent.
#Separate Costs work on the rental price. Ask your agent for the price.